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Gambling Guide

While you can have a lot of fun gambling online, there are certain traps that you do not want to fall into when you are playing games.  Some people who get carried away when it comes to online gambling develop gambling addictions.  These take all of the fun out of the playing and can cost you more money than you can afford.  Gambling then goes from a source of entertainment to a problem.

Gambling is fun. It can be a good way to unwind and also even a fun way to win some money.  You have to realize when you are gambling online or anywhere else that some days you win, others you lose.  It should be looked upon as a source of entertainment.  While there are plenty of professional gamblers abound, even they realize that they have losing streaks and cannot be winners. They know how to play in such a way that they do not fall into the trap of getting addicted to the game.  A professional gambler is not someone who has an addiction to gambling but someone who does this for a living. They are few and far between.  Addictions have nothing to do with winning or losing or even how much you spend.  They have to do with a compulsive desire to do something to excess.

All addictions are bad.  While gambling is fun in moderation, those who are living for the online gambling, not paying their bills in lieu of playing online and are even running into problems with their jobs due to their gambling might be suffering from an addiction.  Most sites that are responsible when it comes to gambling will point out the signs of gambling addictions, such as playing for more than you can afford to lose, isolating yourself from other activities in order to gamble and actually looking at the fun as an obsession instead of entertainment.  Those who have addictions to anything, even gambling, usually are inclined to deny it.  They will say that they can stop any time they want.

In order to avoid gambling addictions, those who are gambling online should make sure that they practice safe habits.  The first is to make sure that the money that they use to wager with is money that they can afford to lose.  They should look at it as a source of entertainment and not as a way to make a living.  You should never gamble with more than you can afford to lose and look at winning as a big plus.  Just as you may go to the movies for entertainment, you can do the same when you are gambling at home.  It costs you some money, but you get some fun out of it.

You can also use sites that will allow you to set a limit so that gambling addictions can be avoided.  Most sites promote safe gambling.  You should use these sites to actually limit the amount of money you can put into your account so that you do not go overboard and run into problems with gambling addictions.  Gambling addictions can easily be avoided by practicing responsible habits and also looking at online gambling as a source of entertainment.

Karla Black - 3rd Dan

Suneeta Krekcood - 1st Dan

Michael Belna - 1st Dan

Dima Zemlianov - 1st Dan

Jiyeon Suh - 1st Dan

Stephane Poussou - 1st Dan

Thomas Chen - 1st Dan

Young Mi Oh - 1st Dan

Carlos Gabirazio - 1st Dan